Dark Ambience

[Cygnus Onyx Flame]

At its core Art is imbued with Mystery that is dark and numinous. Each creation brings the artist one step closer to the core Principle behind the creative impulse; the Principle of Isolate Intelligence.

While I love creating visual art, creating music and dark soundscapes is a deep passion in my life.

I create what I call Dark Ambient Ritual Sound Art [DARSA] under the name Cygnus Onyx Flame (Soundcloud experiments)

My latest EP can be found on Bandcamp:


I am 1/3 of the Noise/Drone band Obsidian Will (Bandcamp)

I am 1/2 of the Experimental Sound Art band Under A Shining Trapezohedron:

Contact me at: cygnusonyxflameband@gmail.com